Range of service

We see it as our task to see the whole development process of a casting through - from the initial concept to the delivery to the customer.
We can also help with the development of your raw part drawing and simulate the setting behaviour of the components according to our ingate und feeding system technology. It is still easily possible to adjust contours, wall thicknesses and tolerances to our foundry demands in this phase and to develop a cost-efficient variant of the component. This step is entirely for the preservation of all of our resources.

You will receive your castings fully-machined as required. We cooperate with various partner companies, in order to access a range of technology that is as large as possible.
We also provide surface treatment and heat treatment, which we can conduct both internally and externally.

Our deliveries are carried out in exchangeable EU mesh pallets as a standard. We do however consider your packing instructions on request and ship in non-returnable packaging or in customer-owned containers as far as possible. You may contact our forwarding agency in the course of transit and they deliver punctually to the given destination in Europe.