Core-making shop

Our core-making shop employees process 15 tonnes of sand daily into cores of 100 g up to 100 kg dead weight. The core quality is subject to a strict quality control, so that the casting areas, which are difficult to reach at a later stage, can be formed properly.

The core-making shop is geared towards a wide range of parts and high surface finishing requirements, as our six core shooting installations can process 40 individual sand dispensing units with the cold box process.
The use of environmentally friendly smooth core water-washes, various additives and the installation of several sub-cores allows us to also display demanding interior contours.

The core boxes are always the property of our clients and are used carefully in core-making. The best storage conditions for the core boxes were created by a well thought-out core-making shop temperature control system and the systematic storage in paternoster storage racks.

The incidental core sand is regenerated after the founding and returned subsequently to the circulation of sand.