Moulding shop

Two completely automated moulding facilities are available for implementing high flexibility especially in small and medium series production: The larger moulding facility with automatic cycle analysis and horizontal partition works with the moulding box dimensions 1000 x 800 x 350 / 350 mm.
Moulding boxes with the dimensions 650 x 500 x 250 / 250 mm are available in the smaller moulding facility.

200,000 tonnes of sand are moulded, decanted, regenerated and remoulded annually. We can work permanently at high performance due to various investments in foundry technology as well as paying particular attention to order and cleanliness.

In our foundry we produce castings in small and medium sized series up to 150 kg unit weight. We are set up for frequent model plate changeover due to the multitude of active model installations and we attach great importance to compliance with mould and cast parameters. Our moulding facilities implement a production rate of up to 60 or 130 boxes per hour and they are maintained by our colleagues from the technical department.

Both moulding facilities are air and hydraulic condensing and equipped with fully or semi-automatic, track-guided casting machines as well as integrated injecting equipment and temperature measuring devices.
Various quality requirements can be individually responded to in a change of product through coupling and data interchange between the moulding facilities.

The separation of circulated material is carried out with the help of a manipulator and Fischer-Wedges at the moulding facility emptying station. The castings are subsequently transferred to the steel blasting shop, in order to remove residual sand and burr.