Model making

Model making is an important sphere of confidence for foundries. This involves executing precision work and for this reason has a decisive influence on the subsequent casting result and the cost-effectiveness of the casting.
Our model making includes measurement and machining technology for the processing of plastic, metal and wood.
Furthermore, the setting behaviour of potential new parts can be simulated, in order to calculate or subsequently implement an optimal ingate system. These findings can be of direct benefit to you as our client.

There are more than 3000 various model installations, stored in racking storage in an area of over 1000 m² in our climatised model storehouse, for the running manufacturing.
Our sales colleagues are happy to assist you with the procurement of model installations and consultation with regard to plate allocation or core box arrangement.
In order to be responsive quickly and flexibly, we work together with external model making companies, who support us in manufacturing new model installations.