In a word ...

"The vitality of an era is not in its harvest, but in its sowing."
Ludwig Börne (1786-1837), German author and critic

Those who want to harvest continuously must sow continuously … and we have practiced this for more than 20 years.
This philosophy was the prerequisite for our route from mass foundry of the GDR to a customer foundry in the context of the market economy.
As the confidence in our specialists and the reliability of the technology develops, so do the intensive relations with our clients, employees, suppliers and cooperation partners, in which we encounter all the ups and downs of economic life.

Our business partners are included as much as possible in our daily efforts to establish an open and constructive cooperation. We are happy to guide you already in the development stage and assist you from a foundry-specific perspective. We believe in personal contact and view every product range as an individual challenge.
We have worked hard to achieve flexibility in everyday production. We cover a niche on the foundry market with small and medium sized series, which require frequent model changes and the command of a multitude of information on product ranges and production process. The production of castings for various branches of industry, with their various requirements, has shown us the significant value of experience.

As foundries manufacture at a considerate energy and raw material consumption level, they are extremely affected by the imponderableness of the procurement market.
We encounter this situation in the realisation of projects for consumption optimisation, also with regard to environmental protection and the reduction of costs.
We assume that the economic power of our company resulting from a sustainable, deliberate and target-oriented subsistence strategy is the best prerequisite for a future-oriented cooperation…

Marianne Gerwin
Managing Director