The production and distribution of cast steel at the current foundry location began in 1923. This was the foundation of the technological development of foundry technology in Fürstenwalde.
It was predominantly products for machine construction and the mining industry that were manufactured in the early years. Production for vehicle construction began later.

The foundry became a publicly owned company in 1949 upon the founding of the GDR, that predominantly manufactured products for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and the German National Railway. The foundry changeover to the production of cast iron with ductile iron started in the early 1960s.

The conversion of the state-owned business (VEB), into an Ltd of the Treuhand privatisation agency, took place in 1990 with the monetary union. The aim was to construct a customer foundry, that met the demands of the market economy both technologically and economically. Investments and adaptations of the personnel structures and the production programme were parallel to this.

The Duktil Guss Fürstenwalde Ltd Company was founded in 1995 in cooperation with Hawle Armaturen Ltd. and the planning and implementation started in 1996, for the construction of a new foundry in Fürstenwalde on the existing premises next to the old factory, that has meanwhile been demolished.

Our first day in the new factory was September 9th 1997. We meanwhile manage more than 3,000 active model installations and also supply far beyond our country's frontiers.

We are proud of these achievements!